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By Uri Avnery, Christopher Costello

The first eye-witness account ever released of the 1948 Israeli conflict of Independence, this riveting memoir of a tender Israeli soldier turned an rapid bestseller on e-book in 1949, and remains to be well-known because the awesome ebook of that warfare, within the culture of Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet at the Western Front. First becoming a member of the Givati Brigade and later volunteering for "Samson’s Foxes", the mythical commando unit, Avnery took half in just about all the most important battles at the Jerusalem and southern fronts. Written from the trenches, and from an army health center mattress, he bargains an awfully distinct account of the conflict, of fast paced battles, and acts of utmost bravery, in addition to the camaraderie and off-duty exploits of younger women and men thrust into front line. this can be a gripping, delicate, and every now and then deeply poignant account of the day by day brutalities of 1 of the main major wars of our times.

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It helped to reduce the tension, to overcome the fear, to digest the experiences. I wrote before the action, during the action, and after the action. When an exhausting battle was over, my comrades would lie down and snore. I picked up my pencil and paper and wrote. I wrote on the ground, in the trenches, and on the hood of a jeep. I wrote in the canteen surrounded by hundreds of noisy comrades and I wrote in bed at night. I wasn’t writing a diary. A diary is a dialogue with yourself, a record of your most intimate thoughts.

I have replaced it with an up-to-date introduction, which shows the interconnectedness of the events, and provides a historical perspective. I am a naturally optimistic person. ” she asked, and all the children cried in unison “France! ” Today France and Germany both belong to the European Union, and Germans and French cross the border between their countries freely and without formalities, a border along which millions from earlier generations died. I added the following section to the second edition of The Other Side of the Coin: “In the hospital I swore an oath.

It was an unprecedented phenomenon in the Hebrew literature of the time. In the course of a single year the hardback version went through ten printings. There wasn’t a single wedding or bar mitzvah party that did not have several copies among the presents. The reviews in the press were just as astonishing. ” Another suggested carving the words of the book in stone, as a reminder for later generations. Overnight I was in great demand. I was flooded with invitations to private functions as well as officers’ meetings, and all branches of the Israeli bureaucracy fawned on me.

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