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By Selman Akbulut

This e-book offers the topology of delicate 4-manifolds in an intuitive self-contained method, constructed over a couple of years by means of Professor Akbulut. The textual content is geared toward graduate scholars and specializes in the educating and studying of the topic, giving an instantaneous method of structures and theorems that are supplemented by means of workouts to assist the reader paintings throughout the information no longer coated within the proofs.

The ebook encompasses a hundred color illustrations to illustrate the guidelines instead of delivering long-winded and in all likelihood doubtful factors. Key effects were chosen that relate to the fabric mentioned and the writer has supplied examples of ways to examine them with the strategies built in previous chapters.

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28, we get V = ( ) and AF (t) = t2 − t + 1. 3. Let ωp = exp(2πi/p). Then the p-signature σp (K), and the p-nullity np (K) of K are defined to be the signature and nullity of the skew Hermitian matrix: ¯ p )(V − ωp V T ) (1 − ω ¯ p )AF (ωp ) = (1 − ω Definitions of σp (K), np (K) are independent of the choice of the Seifert surface F . The following exercise gives a 4-dimensional proof of this, at least for the case p = 2. 11. (Well definedness of signatures) By pushing the interior of F into B 4 , we get a proper imbedding F ⊂ B 4 ; let BF4 denote the 2-fold branched covering space of B 4 branched along F .

30). 30 j 1 Here λ ∶ R → C identifies t ↦ e2πi/p , so we have ∂e1j = (t − 1)e0j , ∂e2j = (∑p−1 j=0 t )e0 = 0, 3 2 2 2 a and ∂ej = ej+1 − ej = (t − 1)ej where aq = 1 mod(p). 4); hence τλ (Y ) = (ta − 1)(t − 1) = (s − 1)(sq − 1), where t = sq . 6. Torsion is a combinatorial invariant, that is, finite cell complexes with isomorphic subdivisions have the same torsion. [Co]). For example L(7, 1) and L(7, 2) are homotopy equivalent manifolds with different torsions. Compact smooth manifolds Y have unique PL-structure, so torsion is a diffeomorphism invariant.

42 Chapter 4 Bundles Here we describe handlebodies of 4-manifolds which are bundles. 2). 1: T 3 4-Manifolds. ©Selman Akbulut 2016. Published 2016 by Oxford University Press. 5 we get another handlebody picture of T 4 . For the benefit of the reader we do this conversion gradually. 5. 1. 2 describes T02 × T 2 , and deleting two 3-handles from T02 × T 2 gives just T02 × T02 , where T02 = T 2 − D 2 is the punctured T 2 . 2 Cacime surface Cacime is a particular surface bundle over a surface, which appears naturally in complex surface theory [CCM].

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