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By Robert E. Bartholomew, Peter Hassall

This eclectic background of surprising crowd habit describes a wealthy collection of mass phenomena starting from the fun and quirky to the stunning and deplorable. What do fads, crazes, manias, city legends, ethical panics, riots, stampedes, and different mass expressions of emotion have in universal? by way of making a typology of such habit, earlier and current, the authors exhibit how universal impressive crew reactions to worry or pleasure are. and so they provide insights into how those occasionally risky mob responses could be refrained from.

We will not be stunned to examine the peculiarities of the ecu heart a long time, whilst superstition was once normal: just like the meowing nuns of France, "tarantism" (a dancing mania) in Italy, or the malicious anti-Semitic poison-well scares. yet related phenomena appear in our personal period. Examples comprise the social-networking hysteria of 2012, which led to uncontrollable twitching via teenage women in Leroy, manhattan; the "phantom bus terrorist" of 2004 in Vancouver, Canada; and the itching outbreak of 2000 in South Africa.

Vivid, precise, and carefully researched, it is a interesting evaluation of collective human habit in its many strange forms.

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It is the terrain upon which the strongest efforts to establish socialism have been made, and this is likely to be true of thc future as weil. On the other hand, the results of the efforts so far, while they have undoubtedly been important experiments with the logic of socialism, have left much to be desired. The tendency for authoritarian regimes to emerge in the communist states betrayed Marx's idea of a freely constituted association of direct producers. And, the imperial control of Eastern Europe by the Russians was an insult to the idea of proletarian internationalism.

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