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By William Duckworth

Across the world well known composer William Duckworth covers track basics in 14 concise major chapters supplemented through eleven enrichment appendices, supplying prolonged insurance in case you wish extra guide.

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This is also true for a note located on a line—the accidental before it must be centered on the same line. This precision in placement is necessary because musicians read the note and the accidental as a single unit. If you are careless and place the accidental in the wrong place, you will be sending contradictory information to the performer. Double sharps and double flats can be confusing. As you know, the sharp sign raises a pitch by a half step. In most instances, this means that a pitch will be raised from a white key to a black key—for example, F to Fs, C to Cs.

CLASS WORK Before proceeding further, you should practice drawing note values. This is not difficult but it does require some practice if you have not worked with them before. Keep the following points in mind: 1. Note heads are oval rather than round. 2. The flags on eighth and sixteenth notes always point to the right, no matter which side of the note the stem is on. 3. Notice also that when the stem points down, it is always located to the left of the notehead, and when it points up, it is always on the right.

With either of them, you will be able to both hear and see concepts of musical sound such as intervals, scales, and triads. Although it is possible to do this to some 16 CHAPTER 1 The Basics of Music extent on other instruments, such as the fingerboard of the guitar, it is far easiest to work with these concepts at the piano keyboard. This section will introduce the keyboard and help you begin to understand it. Future chapters will frequently refer to the keyboard when clarifying particular points.

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