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By J. David Logan (auth.)

The 3rd variation of this concise, well known textbook on straight forward differential equations supplies teachers an alternative choice to the various voluminous texts out there. It offers an intensive remedy of the normal subject matters in an available, easy-to-read, structure. The overarching standpoint of the textual content conveys that differential equations are approximately applications. This ebook illuminates the mathematical concept within the textual content with a large choice of functions that would entice scholars in physics, engineering, the biosciences, economics and arithmetic. teachers are inclined to locate that the 1st 4 or 5 chapters are compatible for a primary direction within the subject.

This variation incorporates a fit raise over prior variations within the variety of labored examples and workouts, quite these regimen in nature. appendices comprise a evaluate with perform difficulties, and a MATLAB® complement that offers uncomplicated codes and instructions for fixing differential equations. MATLAB® isn't required; scholars are inspired to make use of to be had software program to plan a lot of their strategies. recommendations to even-numbered difficulties can be found on

From the reports of the second one edition:

“The assurance of linear platforms within the aircraft is well targeted and illustrated. …Simple numerical tools are illustrated and using Maple and MATLAB is inspired. …select Dave Logan’s new and stronger textual content for my course.”

—Robert E. O’Malley, Jr., SIAM Review, Vol. fifty three (2), 2011

“Aims to supply fabric for a one-semester path that emphasizes the elemental rules, answer tools, and an advent to modeling. …The e-book that effects bargains a concise advent to the topic for college kids of arithmetic, technological know-how and engineering who've accomplished the introductory calculus series. …This e-book is worthy a cautious glance as a candidate textual content for the following differential equations direction you teach.”

—William J. Satzer, MAA Reviews, January, 2011

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D) t2 y + 2ty − y 3 = 0. b) x = x(1 + xet ). e) x = ax + bx3 , a, b > 0. c) θ = − 1t θ + f) w = tw + t3 w3 . 1 tθ 2 . 16. (Exact equations). In this exercise we consider a special class of first-order differential equations called exact equations, which occur in many applications. 18) where the left side has the form of a total derivative. That is, there is a function H = H(t, x) for which d H(t, x) = f (t, x) + g(t, x)x . dt From the chain rule the total derivative of H(t, x) is also d H(t, x) = Ht (t, x) + Hx (t, x)x .

6 m3 per minute. How long will it take the pond to empty? Write, but do not solve, the revised initial value problem. 4. A vat of volume 1000 gallons initially contains 5 lbs of salt. For t > 0 pure water is pumped into the vat at the rate of 2 gallons per minute; the perfectly stirred mixture is pumped out at the same flow rate. Derive a formula for the concentration of salt in the tank at any time t. Sketch a graph of the concentration versus time. 5. A vat of volume 1000 gallons initially contains 5 lbs of salt.

So E(t) = 1 2 1 2 1 − e−2t , 0 ≤ t ≤ 2, e4 − 1 e−2t , t > 2. EXERCISES 1. Write the equation that governs an RC circuit with a 12-volt battery, taking R = 1 and C = 12 . Determine the equilibrium solution and its stability. If Q(0) = 5, find a formula for Q(t). Find the current I(t). Plot the charge and the current on the same set of axes. 2. 01 farad capacitor. Assuming q = 0 at t = 0, find the charge and current for all t > 0. Show that the charge reaches a maximum and find the time it is reached.

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