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By Mary Roberts Rinehart

A vintage novel of romantic fiction and political research.

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Grace looked apprehensively toward the door. " "That's different. " "Just because she married a poor man, a man whose father - " "Not at all. That is all dead and buried. He is a very dangerous man. He is running a Socialist newspaper, and now he is inciting the mill men to strike. He is preaching terrible things. " "Your father says it amounts to a revolution. I believe he calls it a general strike. " Lily pondered that. "Socialism isn't revolution, mother, is it? But even then - is all this because grandfather drove his father to - " "I wish you wouldn't, Lily.

My show was made a labor division in the south of France. " "Why, Pink dear, I wouldn't laugh for anything. And it was the man behind the lines who - " "Won the war," he finished for her, rather grimly. "All right, Lily. We've heard it before. Anyhow, it's all done and over, and - I brought gardenias and violets. " "Couldn't help remembering. No credit to me. " She was busily unwrapping the box. "Always," he repeated, unsteadily. " she buried her face in them. " "Yes, and it's sweet of you. Now sit down and tell me about things.

He wondered, that night before he went to bed, if he had been didactic to Lily Cardew. He had aired his opinions to her at length, he knew. He groaned as he took off his coat in his cold little room at the boarding house which lodged and fed him, both indifferently, for the sum of twelve dollars per week. Jinx, the little hybrid dog, occupied the seat of his one comfortable chair. He eyed the animal somberly. " He took his dressing gown from a nail behind the door, and commenced to put it on. Then he took it off again and wrapped the dog in it.

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