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3mm Table2. 2 Modal Analysis. The first four natural frequencies of micro-milling tool with a variety of structures calculated by Abaqus are listed in Table 3, in which the vibration mode of spiral micro-milling tool is shown in figure 3. The first four natural frequencies of micro-milling tool with a variety of structures Frequency Order First order Second order Third order Fourth order 152599 152459 151907 150968 151528 149280 148790 146925 140792 146840 145357 152671 152672 152098 150968 151944 149916 148945 147703 140792 147104 147187 721961 629400 716296 711743 713388 704104 696086 688601 640088 686434 679830 722257 719846 717105 711759 715202 706461 696430 691953 661821 687511 687455 structure Spiral Straight D-type Triangular prism Quadrangular prism Pentagonal prism Hexagonal prism Pyramidal D-type Triangular pyramid Rectangular pyramid Pentagonal pyramid Hexagonal pyramid Fig.

When it is heated to a given temperature, it shrinks for L0*3%. We take the pulling force of the SMA spring gives out as F0. For pole 1 we know: F1=F0/sin α (1) For pole 2, we also know: F1*L2*cos α=F2*L3 (2) So: F2=F0*L2/(L3*tan α) (α≤450 ) (3) From the formula (3), F2 is not relative with L1 and in order to cut the cost we can keep pole 1 as short as possible. Besides, we can heighten the ratio of L2 to L3 and minish α. 7 the calculation schematic diagram Conclusion A new design of clamping device with memory alloy, orientation disc and telescopic pole is introduced, which is driven by Ni-Ti alloy which has a great capability.

D. M. Zhong, and Z. Chen: Mater. Sci. D. M. L. Cui: 2009 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. November 13-19, 2009, Lake Buena Vista, Florida USA. cn Keywords: Micro-milling tool; Mode analysis; Static analysis; Finite element method Abstract. The size and accuracy of the micro-structure is determined by the performance of micro-milling tool. To reduce the tool vibration and improve the machining quality, research on the mechanical characteristics of micro-milling tool is necessary.

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