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5[c]) is widely used in industrial applications such as textile mills where a cold air supply is needed to remove machine load in winter and maintains the space relative humidity required for the manufacturing process. An outdoor air and recirculating air mixture is often used for the required cold air supply. An air washer is adopted for winter humidification. 4, all outdoor air or an outdoor air-recirculating air mixture is used to reduce the refrigeration capacity and improve the indoor air quality during spring, fall, or winter.

0) = 52, 451 Btu hr o Warm Air Supply without Space Humidity Control When the sum of space heat losses is greater than the sum of the internal heat gains in winter, a warm air supply is needed. For many comfort systems such as those in offices and stores, in locations where winter is not very cold, humidification is usually not necessary. 5(a). 5 Basic air-conditioning cycle — winter modes: (a) warm air supply without space humidity control, (b) cold air supply without space humidity control, and (c) cold air supply with space humidity control.

An air-conditioned room does not always have an individual zone control system. A zone is a space of a single room or group of rooms having similar loads and operating characteristics. An air-conditioned zone is always installed with an individual control system. A typical floor in a building may be treated as a single zone space, or a multizone space of perimeter, interior, east, west, south, north, ... zones. Space and equipment loads can be classified as: 1. Space heat gain qe, in Btu/hr, is the rate of heat transfer entering a conditioned space from an external heat source or heat releases to the conditioned space from an internal source.

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