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EXAMPLE 3. 325 kPa barometric pressure enters a spray chamber. 002 kg of water at 100~ is injected and totally evaporated, calculate the moisture content, enthalpy and dry-bulb temperature of the moist air leaving the chamber. 06 kJ per kg of water injected, from CIBSE tables of properties of water at saturation. 7) is for water injected at 100~ For all cases except that of the change A to B1, an increase in enthalpy occurs which is a direct consequence of the enthalpy (and, hence, the temperature) of the injected water, provided this is all evaporated.

18 Temperature of adiabatic saturation An adiabatic process is one in which no heat is supplied to or rejected from the gas during the change of state it undergoes. Consider the flow of a mixture of air and water vapour through a perfectly insulated chamber. The chamber contains a large wetted surface, and water is evaporated from the surface to the stream of moist air flowing over it, provided the moist air is not already saturated. Feed-water is supplied to the chamber to make good that evaporated.

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