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By Roy Douglas (auth.), Peter Hoffman, Renzo A. Piccinini, Denis Sjerve (eds.)

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E. d(O) = d O -(-I)Po d. This is the cohomology referred to. The class of d 2 is in H 21 (Der (AZ,d)). 26 Now look at the next term. d2d 2 = 0e H 42(Der) This says D 2 = 0 implies If d2d 2 = 0, the Massey-Lie product is defined and it vanishes iff there is a choice of d 3 for which a d 4 exists. [The only / reference I know to such Massey-Lie products is Douady, Seminarire H. ] Now the above description smacks of a spectral sequence. It is helpful to study the underlying gadget. Schlessinger pushed me into this by claiming there is a versal deformation, one from which all others can be induced.

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