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By Martin Barker;Kate Egan;Tom Phillips;Sarah Ralph

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What all these have in common is a sense that such intense, remembered experiences may have been in some way transformative. People’s sense of self, of their place in the world, of how things work or could be made to work, can be shifted and given new shape by such encounters. And research might bring the nature of these into clearer view. Against this background of growing interest, we have tried to explore the responses of those participants in our survey giving Alien the highest rating, Masterpiece.

He sat my sister and me down and explained to us that this movie will probably scare us but that it was a very important film and he wanted us to see it. As my sister and I watched, my dad explained to us things we didn’t understand. It gave me nightmares for a couple of weeks but after 30 years it is still remains my favorite horror film. [#201] Much is packed into this short answer. The father’s role, and his abiding love of the horror genre, is attested. But his sense that Alien was exceptional is also marked – and that this is the motivating force for this remarkably age-inappropriate screening!

There are strong patterns in here. After the period of immediate release, where it is exceptional for children to be enabled to see the film by parents, there is a steep rise in the number reporting this – indeed, we have a number of stories of parents getting children up specially to see it. But by the 1990s, while parents still play an enabling role, it is likely to be (as captured in the quotation we’ve chosen) because children are already playing with ideas of alienhood. The notion has begun to lodge in many young people’s popular culture.

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