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The carrying on with dating among the USA and the Holy Land has implications for American and Jewish background which expand past the old narrative and interpretation. The devotion of american citizens of all faiths to the Holy Land extends into the non secular realm, and the Holy Land, in flip, penetrates American houses, styles of religion, and schooling. during this publication Davis illuminates the interconnection of american citizens and the Holy Land in ancient point of view, and delineates distinct parts inherent during this dating: the function of Zion in American non secular background, within the Christian religion, in Jewish culture and communal existence, and the provoke of Biblical position names at the map of the USA in addition to American settlements and associations within the nation of Israel. The e-book concludes with an annotated choose bibliography of fundamental assets on the United States and the Holy Land.

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64 He came to understand, as Herzl would almost half a century later, that no other place but Eretz Israel would do as the Jewish homeland. Only there could the Jews gather once again to fulfill the ancient prophecy of Return. This lesson was the most significant and enduring outcome of Noah's Ararat scheme. What interests us particularly is not only Noah's "Zionist" outlook but the way he presented it before his American compatriots—as an American 30 America and the Holy Land citizen who considered political restoration a means to rescue those Jews who were oppressed in other lands, he found it natural to direct his arguments to the conscience of the American nation.

It needs but the destruction of that power which, for so many centuries, has rested like an incubus upon the eastern world, to ensure the restoration of the Jews to Palestine. The increase of toleration; the assimilation of creeds; the unanimity with which all works of charity are undertaken, prove, to the observing mind, that, ere long, with every other vestige of bigotry, the prejudices against this unhappy race will be obliterated by a noble and a God-like sympathy The fulfillment of the prophecy with regard to the Egyptians ensures the accomplishment of the numerous ones which predict the restoration of the tribes...

For the background and the outcome of this attempt, see F. E. Manuel (see note 47 above), 34-35. 49. For the constitution of the American "community," see J. D. Eisenstein, Constitution of the American Organization (New York: 1898). A full description The Holy Land in American Spiritual History 39 of its early days, including a list of members, is found in Simcha Fishbane, "The Founding of Kollel America Tifereth Yerushalayim," American Jewish Historical Quarterly (AJHQ) 64 (1974-1975): 120-36.

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