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By Benjamin S. Lambert

Contemporary campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq have validated that American service air strength can behavior coordinated deep-strike missions well past coastal reaches, delivering round the clock objective assurance, continuously actual aim assault, and a number of profitable targer assaults in keeping with sortie.

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Because of the long-duration combat sorties, fighter aircrews 28 American Carrier Air Power at the Dawn of a New Century averaged 70 flight hours a month, well over twice the normal peacetime rate. Key Operational Achievements As indicated by statistics compiled by the CAOC during the 76 days of bombing between October 7, when Enduring Freedom began, and December 23, when the first phase of the war ended after the collapse of the Taliban, some 6,500 strike sorties were flown by CENTCOM forces altogether, out of which approximately 17,500 munitions were dropped on more than 120 fixed targets, 400 vehicles and artillery pieces, and a profusion of concentrations of Taliban and al Qaeda combatants.

6 American Carrier Air Power at the Dawn of a New Century than a one-time show-of-force strike . . ”7 As if to bear this charge out, throughout the later post-cold-war years that followed the 1991 Persian Gulf War, the involvement of the Navy’s carrier air wings in such regional contingency responses as Operations Deliberate Force and Allied Force in the Balkans and Operations Southern Watch and Desert Fox over Iraq mainly entailed relatively low-intensity operations conducted within fairly easy reach of their assigned targets.

A staff operator in the CAOC, via the E-3 airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft, would then read exact target coordinates to the F-14’s RIO, who would finally program a JDAM for the assigned DMPI on the building as soon as approval to drop was received. At the war’s 45-day point, the Joint Staff’s spokesman, Rear Admiral Stufflebeam, reported that around 10,000 munitions of all types had been employed, a rate roughly comparable to that of the earlier Operation Allied Force over Serbia and Kosovo in 1999, which saw 23,614 munitions expended over its 78-day course.

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