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By Wei-bin Zhang

The present paintings invitations americans to step during the taking a look glass - backwards, this time - and look at ourselves from a Confucian standpoint. In his research, Zhang attracts jointly references to the I Ching, Leibniz, Tocqueville, Lipset and Aristotle, a sensible few information comparable to crime price and monetary development, and the lions of chinese language philosophy.

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Thus, in Confucianism all individuals are in some fundamental sense alike and no person possesses greater intrinsic worth than another. The Confucian principles based on natural equality are not in conflict with democratic principles such as popular sovereignty, the right of the people to choose and hold accountable those who rule them, and the inalienable nature of human rights in an essential sense. Freedom cannot become universal until a truly universal idea of freedom can be identified. According to Confucianism, no doctrine can become universal if it is constructed with a personalized God or based on the classification according to birth into master and slave.

In 43 College Attrition at American Research Universities the Culture and Democracy in the United States, published in 1924, Kallen (1970:4243) asserted: “Within these Many, gathered upon the American scene from the four corners of the earth and taking root and finding nourishment, growth and integrity upon its soil, lies the American One, as poets, painters, musicians and philosophers feel and utter this One. . Cultural growth is founded upon Cultural Pluralism. ” He characterized the American gentleman of British stock as being an individualist, speaking an English dialect, interested in getting along, kind, neighborly, not too scrupulous in business.

Since extreme segregation reduces the levels of contact and competition, the rate of conflict among groups is lowered. In the United States, declining and low levels of segregation of the foreign-born will raise the rates of both conflict and protest. Competition for jobs during periods when ethnic diversity is rising would incline dominant groups to use organizations to restrain open competition. “These solutions,” Olzak (1992:218) argued, “include passing rules restricting the rights of access to valued resources, as well as violence.

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