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Some criticism was the political product of cold war–era fears such as those exploited by Senator Joseph McCarthy. Efforts to use foundations to shield family wealth from taxes and to maintain dynastic control over business firms—efforts that, as we have noted, grew rapidly in some quarters during the 1950s30—also provoked criticism. 31 Together, changes in the fields foundations addressed as well as in their own positions led to a great deal of rethinking about appropriate roles. Greatly reduced relative wealth and other postwar conditions simply did not allow foundations to play the dramatic institution-building roles that had been available to them in the century’s early decades.

American foundations: their roles and contributions 19 By the early 1950s, federal agencies were providing overwhelmingly more money than foundations in most of these fields. The federal government did not crowd out the foundations: rather, its enormous resources and the nation’s new policy commitments transformed every field, so that research, higher and professional education, hospital care, and funds for the relief of the unemployed, the elderly, and the very poor could do far more than ever in the past.

Knight Foundation, the WWW Foundation hopes to raise enough to become an important catalyst for the future development of the web in ways that will allow access by and benefit underserved, economically deprived communities throughout the world. 26 david c. hammack and helmut k. anheier elementary and secondary education (involving the Annenberg, Walton, and many other foundations), in arts education (notably by the Wallace Foundation), in health (involving the R. W. Johnson and the Henry J. Kaiser Family foundations and the Milbank Memorial and other funds), in the reform of welfare, and in the effort to reduce poverty (involving the Ford, Annie E.

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