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Note that parentheses have no effect on the value of a character expression. 9-1978 A character constant expression is a character expression in which each primary is a character constant, the symbolic name of a character constant, or a character constant expression enclosed in parentheses. Note that variable, array element, substring, and function references are not allowed. 3 Relational Expressions A relational expression is used to compare the values of two arithmetic expressions or two character expressions.

The size of a dimension is the value: d2 - d1 + 1 where: d1 is the value of the lower dimension bound d2 is the value of the upper dimension bound Note that if the value of the lower dimension bound is one, the size of the dimension is d2. The size of a dimension whose upper bound is an asterisk is not specified. 9-1978 The number and size of dimensions in one array declarator may be different from the number and size of dimensions in another array declarator that is associated by common, equivalence, or argument association.

There is a precedence among the arithmetic operators, which determines the order in which the operands are to be combined unless the order is changed by the use of parentheses. The precedence of the arithmetic operators is as follows: Operator ** * and / + and - Precedence Highest Intermediate Lowest For example, in the expression - A ** 2 the exponentiation operator (**) has precedence over the negation operator (-); therefore, the operands of the exponentiation operator are combined to form an expression that is used as the operand of the negation operator.

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