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Whereas tv this day is taken with no consideration, american citizens within the Fifties confronted the problem of negotiating the hot medium's position in the house and in American tradition commonly. Protestant leaders--both mainstream and evangelical--began to consider carefully approximately what tv intended for his or her groups and its power effect on their paintings. utilizing the yankee Protestant event of the creation of tv, Rosenthal illustrates the significance of the interaction among a brand new medium and its clients in an attractive ebook appropriate for basic readers and scholars alike.

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If television could be such an effective minister/salesman, left in the wrong hands it could be lethal. A. Gordon Nasby in a 1949 article warned that “Hitler did his job in Germany in the space of a few years because he had modern techniques and methods of communication at his disposal. ”32 Two years later Alton M. ”33 Notably, the fear of mass propaganda and its political effects seems to have been far greater than the fear of television’s affects on liberal Protestantism itself. Motter was one of the few contemporary critics who understood that the television was transforming the American home, and domestic piety right along with it: “Grace at the table or family devotions must compete with Charlie McArthy.

Television first made its appearance on The Christian Century’s editorial pages while there was still some public discussion over its potential format. Two of the earliest columns that mention TV refer to the possibility of an “advertising-free” version of the medium. 39 Reaching into the heart of the Christian home, television advertisements promised daily exposure to a wide variety of random and potentially problematic images. 43 Despite this stated editorial position, however, efforts by mainline religious broadcasters were largely ignored by The Christian Century.

3. 4. 5. individual churches or small group movements where the national membership is comparatively small. The religious message broadcast should be nonsectarian and nondenominational in appeal. The religious message broadcast should be of the widest appeal, presenting the broad claims of religion, which not only aid in building up the personal and social life of the individual but also aid in popularizing religion and the church. The religious message broadcast should interpret religion at its highest and best so that as an educational factor it will bring the individual listener to realize his responsibility to the organized church and to society.

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