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By Thomas Berndt

Complete colour gallery of vintage American armored struggling with cars! eighty five excellent complete colour photos of each American tank imagineable. an in depth chronicle of the fearless tanks of yankee heritage. The tanks pictured are fantastically restored US armored autos of WW II.

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Soviet Air Force in Hungary and Austria

Для сайта:Мир книгКнига посвящается Советским летчикам и солдатам, служившим в составе ВВС ЦГВ, ОК и ЮГВ.

The Deserter

Think you are on a British man-o'war, anchored in an estuary of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, round 1800. at the back of the excessive crimson cliffs lie countless numbers of miles of uncharted barren region. should you leap send and are stuck, you can be branded a deserter - topic to dying via 100 lashes. in case you bounce, the icy waters may well freeze your physique and declare your soul.

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He had more than }^oo first-line fighters and bombers with which to do it. On the sea a fantastic armada of 848 British ships from destroyers to and dinghies of amateur sailors put out for private sloops, fishing smacks the French coast to retrieve the troops. Overhead the small RAF, battered and weary, flew cover as best they could with a portion of the 600 Hurricane, Spitfire, and Defiant fighters that remained. To commit the entire force loould have left the British Isles defenseless against the Luftwaffe.

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