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By Gary R. Weaver;Adam Mendelson

Anything has occurred to the basic nature of yank culture...a midlife crisis.Recently observers have famous a seismic shift a long way past common cyclic adjustments in tradition and developments in the United States. Following September eleven, the USA, now not convinced within the defense of 2 significant oceans, a robust army constitution and a dominant economic system, constructed rules and practices that exclude foreigners and appear to violate uncomplicated civil rights assured below the structure. After a long time of the ebb and stream of isolationism and expansionism, the USA took a inflexible new tack that hasn't been reversed yet.What's occurring in the USA? And extra importantly, why? America's Midlife problem examines the historical past and tradition of the rustic at a vital element in its improvement. From immigration to to global impact, this e-book captures the values, ideals and behaviors of an more and more advanced society that's suffering to carve out its position in a brand new international order.ContentsIntroduction1 American nationwide tradition: a question of tradition and History2 what's the American tradition and what's a standard American?3 Melting Pots to Mosaics: Race and Immigration4 From John Winthrop to John Wayne: Exceptionalism, Self-Reliance, and Cowboy Values5 do not simply Stand There, Do Something!6 American Civic Culture7 Prosperity at domestic, status in a foreign country: overseas Policy8 What Holds the United States jointly additionally Tears it Apart9 a countrywide Midlife hindrance? the place will we cross from Here?BibliographyIndex

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One of the explanations for this high incidence is that most Americans assume that the British are basically the same as Americans and therefore they do not anticipate the difficulties of adapting to a new cultural environment. Most Europeans would remind Americans that their nation is very young: the Anglo-American culture is about 500 years old and the nation itself is only 232 years old. Every European country is thousands of years old from a cultural viewpoint and most nations have existed since the nation-state system was first created with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648.

To make up for over 300 years of racism and discrimination, and to provide an opportunity to succeed, programs were developed to ensure that the federal government and its contractors—in public housing, education, law enforcement, the military, and every other facet of life—actively recruited minorities and ensured that they were represented in all jobs. This initially required the establishment of quotas, which meant hiring a minimum number or percentage of minorities (though all applicants and employees had to have relevant and valid job or educational qualifications).

The whole is much more than simply the sum of the parts. It is this “whole” that will be referred to as the “mainstream” or “dominant” culture of the United States. Realistic Cultural Empathy The economic, political, social, and personal behavior of the American people can only be understood within the context of their unique culture. The traditional beliefs and worldviews of the American people, and even the way they think and solve problems, are all shaped by their shared historical experiences and their common cultural values.

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