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By Robert Parry

Investigative reporter Robert Parry reframes key chapters of yank heritage via exploring previous occasions that also force the U.S. political narrative from why the Framers junked the Articles of Confederation in desire of the structure, to how the trendy Republican get together embraced a win-at-all-cost ethos, to why the Democrats turn away from the labor of responsibility. the USA S STOLEN NARRATIVE takes you on a trip from the United States s founding and the plotting of George Washington and James Madison to Richard Nixon s sabotage of Lyndon Johnson s Vietnam peace talks, directly to the Watergate scandal (showing how these darkish chapters have been fairly one non-stop storyline). The booklet then explores the political deceptions that surrounded the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and the 2 George timber and explains how that fake historical past entrapped Barack Obama

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During the turbulent years leading up to hostilities, Warren had collaborated with fellow patriot Paul Revere in constructing a remarkable intelligence network for its time, a loosely knit collection of sympathetic citizens who uncovered information about the British garrisoned in Boston. The network also included riders who could spread alarms quickly through the countryside. Warren and Revere oversaw an effective system of propaganda, too, highlighting excesses committed by the British and pioneering the use of fast schooners to distribute their side of the story across the Atlantic, where there was a battle for the sympathies of British citizens and politicians.

Warren managed to slip out of Boston himself and met up with the growing rebel force. Warren joined General William Heath, a self-taught military strategist who devised the harassing attacks that inflicted heavy casualties on the British forces (some 73 were recorded killed) while minimizing those of Americans (49 dead). Warren narrowly escaped death himself when a musket bullet struck a pin of his wig. He is reported later to have told his worried mother that “where danger is, dear mother, there must your son be.

They looked for ways to make ends meet even if they had to cut ethical corners. For example, one of the couples most widely revered for their contributions to the Revolution, John and Abigail Adams, resorted to a black-market scheme to raise enough money to avoid losing their home and property in Massachusetts. Many of Abigail Adams’s famous letters to her husband, as he served the revolutionary cause in Philadelphia and Europe, also included requisitions of supplies that could be sent back to Boston, along with his official correspondence via the fastest and safest means of American transportation.

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