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This quantity is made out of electronic photos from the Cornell college Library historic arithmetic Monographs assortment.

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3. Jessen's and Related Inequalities 35 holds f o r some )~ > 1 in cases (i) and (i t) or )~ ~ (0, 1) in cases (ii) and (iit). 3) may be determined as follows. Set lz -- ( ~ ( M ) - ~ ( m ) ) / ( M - m). 3). I f lZ ~ O, let x = s be the unique solution in [m, M] o f the equation /z4~(x) - q~t(x) {q~(m) + / z ( x - m)} = O, then )~ = lZ/~t(s cases (i) and (ii). 3). Moreover, we have m < s < M in the (b) Let all the hypotheses o f (a) hold except that now dp is concave on I with qb" (x) <<,O, with equality f o r at most isolated points of I.

As, bl >/... >1 bs and ql . . . s-1, t=l ~q,a,=~q,b,. t=l t=l If g is convex on I and f is g-convex dominated on I, then the following inequality holds: ~q,(f(b,)t--I f(a,)) <~~ i=1 (g (b,) - g (ai)). 12) Chapter 1. Inequalities Involving Convex Functions 52 PROOF. Consider the functional J(f) = Lql(f(b,)- f(a,)), f ~ F(I). 1. 12). D The following theorem given in [88] deals with an improvement of the JensenSteffensen inequality. 5. Let x and p be two n-tuples of real numbers such that x~ ~ I, 1 <~ i <~n, and I is an interval from R and Pn > O.

Ii) 0<. Pk <. P n f o r a l l k = 1,2 . . . n - 1. PROOF. (i) =:~ (ii) is obviously the Jensen-Steffensen inequality. (ii) :=~(i) considers the functional ~ptf(xt)-J ( f ) = --~n 1---1 f E /-1 ptXl , f ~ F(I). 2. 11). 1. 6. Let x be a nonincreasing n-tuple of real numbers, x~ E I, 1 <~ i <<,n, p real n-tuple, and there exists x j, j ~ (1, 2 , . . , n), such that k 1 p~(x~ - x j ) <. 13) n Y ~ Pl (Xl -- Xj ) ~ 0 for every k such that xk <~x. 5. 11) holds. 1 given above. 5 Hadamard's Inequalities In 1893, J.

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