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By Mary Ellen Miller

Мифы, верования и культура древней Мезоамерики (майя, ацтеки, тольтеки)

»The Gods and logos of old Mexico and the Maya» is the first-ever English-language dictionary
of Mesoamerican mythology and faith. approximately three hundred entries, from accession to yoke, describe the most gods
and symbols of the Olmecs, Zapotecs, Maya, Teotihuacanos, Mixtecs, Toltecs, and Aztecs.
Topics variety from jaguar and jester gods to reptile eye and rubber, from construction bills and sacred locations
to ritual practices akin to bloodletting, confession, dance, and pilgrimage.

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Considering the central importance of the 260-day calendar, it is entirely fitting that the earliest known example of writing concerns a calendrical notation, found on a Zapotee monument dating to approximately 600 B e . By the Protoclassic period (100 B C - A D 300), abundant evidence of the 260-day calendar survives in many parts of Mesoamerica; together with the vague solar year of 365 days, the 260-day calendar serves as one of the essential defining traits of Mesoamerican culture. In ancient and contemporary Mesoamerica, time is essentially cyclical.

Fully present by the Early Formative Olmec, complex systems [MTRODUCTION 32 of Mesoamerican iconography antedate actúa! writing. Moreover, writing never reptaced iconography. yphic inscriptions is entirety matched by the attendant iconography, the texts and the pictoria! images conveying different qualities of information. Unlike the specificity of writing, the power of Mesoamerican iconography lies in its subtle ambiguity and ability simultaneously to express different levels of meaning. In a single scene, a richly costumed king can be regarded as a deity impersonator, an actual god, or both.

The Mesoamerican Calendar and Astronomy Calendrics served as an essential means by which Mesoamericans organized and conceived of their world. Through wonderfully intricate calendrical cycles, they sought to foresee particular events that could have major influence upon their lives. Although these could include such relatively mundane occurrences as business ventures or curing, they could also concern famine, political instability, or world annihilation. The 260-day calendar had an especially important role in Mesoamerican religion.

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