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By Gilles Royer

This publication offers an advent to logarithmic Sobolev inequalities with a few very important functions to mathematical statistical physics. Royer starts by means of amassing and reviewing the required historical past fabric on selfadjoint operators, semigroups, Kolmogorov diffusion techniques, options of stochastic differential equations, and sure different similar issues. There then is a bankruptcy on log Sobolev inequalities with an program to a powerful ergodicity theorem for Kolmogorov diffusion techniques. the rest chapters give some thought to the overall surroundings for Gibbs measures together with life and specialty concerns, the Ising version with actual spins and the appliance of log Sobolev inequalities to teach the stabilization of the Glauber-Langevin dynamic stochastic versions for the Ising version with actual spins. The workouts and enhances expand the fabric mostly textual content to similar parts equivalent to Markov chains. Titles during this sequence are co-published with Soci?©t?© Math?©matique de France. SMF individuals are entitled to AMS member mark downs.

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In order to avoid problems with differentiability, we will begin by considering the family of functions fp(x, y) := gp(x)h(y), p > 0, with gp(x) = (p + g2(x))1"2. 6) / 7r(f log(Ifpl)) 7rI 2fpI2+ 2log(7rfp)7rfp. 1. 10) (u + kv)2 < (1 + k)(u2 + kv2). 8) gives us: fi log(Ifl) dj2(1+(1+k)k4 +(1+k)2 J )J Iazf I2d11 I81fPI2d,L+I0g1If,IIL2(P) f ffdii, which almost completes the proof of the result for the case v®lr. To complete 0. 10). 0 In particular, if two probability measures satisfy (Is) with the same constant c then (Is) is also true for their tensor product.

This will be a valid argument if V is integrable. In fact by using an argument by contradiction we will show that cp is square integrable. Suppose this is not the case. 1W is a Lipschitzian function with slope bounded above by 1 for n sufficiently large. 11), which shows that the sequence kn 2tp2 is uniformly integrable. This is a contradiction since the functions have integrals equal to 1 and at the same time converge to 0 everywhere, a contradiction. When this inequality is applied to the case where V(x) = jxj, we obtain: fe2 dp < 0c, for all a strictly less than c 0 -I.

The Radon-Nikodym derivative (density) is: F = exp(U(Wo) - U(Wt) - 2 f 0 t [IVUI2 - DUJ(W,)ds). PROOF. We set U,, = XnU where X,, is a C°° function equal to 1 on the ball of radius n centered at the origin and 0 outside the ball of radius 2We thus have Q = Qo. 2. KOLMOGOROV SEMI-GROUPS 29 n + 1. Jn(Wn)l2dS) 0 for the law on C([0, t], Rd) of the process satisfying: dXg = dB, - VUn(XS) ds. Applying Ito's formula we obtain: t UU(Wt) - UU(Wo) = fo VUn(LV9) dW9 + which establishes the lemma for the case of U, 2 fo AUn(W8) ds, .

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