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By Tiziana Andina (auth.)

This publication explores the complicated area of social fact, asking what this truth is, the way it consists and what its dynamics are in either theoretical and sensible phrases. in the course of the exam of a few of an important modern theories of social ontology, the ebook discusses the basics of the self-discipline and lays the rules for its improvement within the political sphere. by way of examining the inspiration of nation and the redecorate of ontology, the writer argues in prefer of a realist notion of the kingdom and exhibits the explanations why this promotes a greater knowing of the dynamics of energy and the actualization of a better justice among generations. This publication captures the connection among diverse generations in the similar political context, and provides it as an important for the re-definition of the thoughts of kingdom and meta-State.

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Once they got them, they must keep their possession; they therefore make agreements allowing social life and mutual aid. These agreements are binding and determine individual choices; habit and education will then do the rest. In this context, even justice is the result of a stipulation and, more specifically, of an agreement descending directly from the social organization created with the aim of achieving the possession of goods and the consolidation of such possession: After this convention, concerning abstinence from the possessions of others, is enter’d into, and every one has acquir’d a stability in his possessions, there immediately arise the ideas of justice and injustice; as also those of property, right, and obligation.

552. Reinach (1913), Eng tr. p. 36. 1 The Domain of Social Ontology 27 utterances”. So Reinach starts from this point: when we promise something to someone, what we do—contrary to what is suggested by the stipulative theory—is not manifesting a state of our will, but acting. Note that this action cannot be structured in any kind of way. Reinach understands that promises have a stable ontological structure; in other words, he understands that we cannot act in a random manner when we promise something, because the promise is an act that determines changes in the world only if it is structured in specific ways.

The thesis proposed by Reinach can be substantially found in this story. The moment Scrooge promises Brigitta the balaboo he is not expressing a state of his will, as Hume thinks. Rather, he is performing an action through which he establishes a relationship that did not exist before the promise between him and Brigitta. That relationship depends on the promise that Scrooge makes Brigitta. In a word, the world, after Scrooge has uttered his promise, is not the same as before: in that fictional world, Scrooge has put into being a new part of reality—the relationship that ties him to Brigitta.

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