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By David C. Gompert, Paul K. Davis, Stuart E. Johnson, Duncan Long

In a fluid worldwide protection atmosphere reminiscent of ours, assessing the prices, hazards, and certain effects of other nationwide protection thoughts is as tough because it is key. The authors convey how, even within the face of uncertainty, the prices and different implications of any procedure should be assessed by way of reading the features wanted through U.S. combatant instructions

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Security—defeating terrorism, discouraging Chinese expansion, securing world energy supplies, gaining more and stronger allies, and the like. But, confining such deliberations to aims can lead to setting a strategy whose costs are heavier than supposed and perhaps unsupportable. If the costs of a strategy are not estimated until the bills arrive, by then they may far exceed what was assumed when the strategy was declared. S. interests and credibility, not to mention the purposes of that strategy.

Either way, embarking on a strategy without understanding its resource requirements is perilous. This problem lies at the heart of the Joint Staff’s request that RAND find a way to perform “resource-informed” analysis of strategic 15 16 Analysis of Strategy and Strategies of Analysis choice. Specifically, at times when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) is expected to give the Secretary of Defense advice on national defense strategy, the secretary—indeed, the nation—would be well served if that advice were informed by rough but realistic estimates of the costs of the strategy or of alternative strategies under discussion.

Specify the forces and support needed to deliver these capabilities. Estimate the direct and indirect costs, and other resource implications, of preparing, deploying, and employing these forces and support. Do likewise for alternative strategies of interest to permit comparison. Iterate to improve strategy in light of implications and core strengths. DoD has ample analytic capability for each link in this chain of reasoning: The innovation lies in the chain, not the individual links. , the link between (b) and (c).

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