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The recognition of Android telephones is just exploding, so it is a ideal time for renowned For Dummies writer Dan Gookin to replace his bestselling advisor to all issues Android telephones. From setup and configuration to benefiting from the most recent remarkable Android positive factors, this useful source is designed to make new Android clients cozy and to assist veterans get the main out in their Android mobile. overlaying beneficial properties which are universal to the preferred Android telephones, this e-book walks you thru the fundamentals of creating calls, utilizing the touchscreen, sending e-mails and texts, shopping the web, utilizing the digital camera, staying in contact with social media, and a lot more.

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See the section “Using common icons” elsewhere in this chapter. ✓ Beyond Back, Home, and Recent, perhaps the most common icon found below the touchscreen is Menu. Touch this icon or press the Menu button to display a pop-up menu from which you can choose commands. If nothing happens when you touch the Menu icon, no pop-up menu is available. ✓ A Search icon might be found below the touchscreen. Touch this icon to start a phone or web search. ✓ The three navigation icons may hide themselves when some apps run.

To view the Home screen at any time, touch the Home icon found at the bottom of the touchscreen. Some phones feature a physical Home button or key, which performs the same duties as the Home icon. Exploring the Home screen The generic Android Home screen is shown in Figure 3-3. The image shown in the figure is doubtless a lot more boring than your phone’s Home screen. But the generic Home screen helps you identify some basic points of interest. info Chapter 3: The Android Tour Figure 3-3: The Home screen.

Don’t fret if you hear a clicking or popping sound when you pop off the back cover; this type of noise is expected when you remove a cover that doesn’t slide off. ✓ Not every Android phone has a removable back cover. If yours doesn’t, that’s fine, but it also means your phone lacks a removable or replaceable battery. Installing the battery The most common thing to install in a new Android phone is the battery. The battery is supplied separately inside the box. Unless the friendly folks at the Phone Store installed the battery for you, it’s your job to stick it inside your new phone.

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