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Anthony Crosland, a member of Harold Wilson's cupboard and the writer of the way forward for Socialism, used to be an influential British social democrat. His bold reappraisal of nationalised possession and controlled firm maintains to stimulate dialogue within the debate approximately administration as opposed to marketplace. Anthony Crosland: The combined economic system examines Crosland's arguable method of capital and keep watch over, situating his try to redefine the industrial foundation of socialism within the context of his personal studies and the highbrow culture of the philosophical center flooring.

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Some blamed foreign spivvery and gnomes in Zurich. Crosland had a different explanation: 'Everybody knew the pound was over-valued. '87 Everybody, in other words, except the Labour Leader. A member of the Labour Cabinet since 1965, the President of the Board of Trade in the eventful period from August 1967 to October 1969, Crosland was in a strong position to know who had wanted devaluation at an early date - and who had stubbornly made up his mind to buck the market at the cost of growth. Crosland on the Labour Right preferred a devalued or a floating pound to the depressing alternative of domestic deflation and public expenditure cuts.

As Dick Leonard writes: 'At an early age he had acquired a reputation for being sensationally rude.... He was an intensely private man, surprisingly shy for somebody who had revelled in an extrovert reputation. '168 Abnormally abrasive and abnormally thinskinned, he could be too passionate to be calculating, too committed to be diplomatic. Many found him 'hostile or arrogant', and not least, as Lord Donaldson explained at the Memorial Service, because he had the academic puritan's intolerance of triviality: 'He was extremely exclusive and he cared only for serious issues.

In 1972-73 Labour under Wilson had tried in vain to block Britain's entry under Heath. In 1974 Labour under Wilson was once again under pressure to review the New Zealand lamb and the Common Agricultural Policy, the Atlantic Community and the foreignness of foreigners - and to make up its minds. Anthony Crosland was never a committed pro-European to the extent, say, that Roy Jenkins was. Nor, however, was he ever actually anti-Europe on the model of Tony Benn. Basically in favour of more formal ties but unprepared to regard the union as a pill for every ill, Crosland early on became a yes-but European and never wavered in his tepid support.

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