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By Martin Blumenson

Anzio, a small city a trifling hour's force from Rome, turned a battleground on which either Allies and Germans paid a bloody rate. deliberate via Churchill as a speedy amphibious flanking maneuver, the 1943 conflict of Anzio has been considered through a few as essentially the most ill-conceived tactical operations of the Allied struggle attempt, and through others as one of many war's singular misplaced possibilities. Blumenson examines the activities of the lads concerned, together with Churchill, Eisenhower, Clark, and Montgomery, and takes into consideration files from Allied and German assets.

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By army got the time the to the Cassino line and recovered sufficiently to crack the line, —by that drive to Frosinone, and execute the Anzio invasion time, the ships that several Eisenhower had been able to hold for weeks would have to be released for the other comOn December 18, Clark reluctantly recom- mitments elsewhere. mended canceling Anzio. The amphibious tion. landing at Anzio seemed out of the ques- So did prospects for a quick capture of Rome. — THE DECISION 3 Toward the end and British leaders met ters, how to execute at of November, Cairo to discuss, OVERLORD when American among other mat- 1943, while at the same time con- tinuing operations in the Mediterranean, Winston Churchill was discouraged and depressed.

He knew he would also be judged against the cocky commander of the British Eighth Army, Bernard Montgomery, who had won his reputation at Alamein. In comparison with these commanders, as well as with Alexander, Clark was a late-comer, and because of his relative youth and inexperience, he showed great defer- ence to his British colleagues in Italy. After Salerno, where he proved his ability to win a battle, Clark became increasingly self-assured, he also became deferential. Though he maintained his cordiality with less his Brit- THE STALEMATE —a — Clark Eisenhower requirement for American became disenchanted with them.

On the other hand, Eisenhower noted, perhaps the Ger- mans would be too nervous to stand for a real battle south of Rome. They were heading, he thought, for a line near Cassino, not to create a insure their final own defensive position but to cover Rome and They had evacuated retrograde movements. would indicate their intention rapid withdrawal from southern and central Sardinia and Corsica, and this to make a fairly THE STALEMATE Italy. The Germans, Eisenhower back to the Pisa-Rimini By the end of the line, far first estimated, might well pull above Rome.

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