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By National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Naval Studies Board, Committee for an Assessment of Non-Lethal Weapons Science and Technology

Non-lethal guns (NLWs) are designed to reduce fatalities and different undesired collateral harm while used. occasions of the previous couple of years together with the assault at the USS Cole have raised principles in regards to the function NLWs can play in improving aid to naval forces. particularly to what quantity and in what components may still division of the military (DoN) -sponsored technology and know-how (S&T) offer a study base for constructing NLW services? to aid with this query and to judge the present NLWs application, the Joint Non-Lethal guns Directorate (JNLWD) and the place of work of Naval learn (ONR) asked the nationwide examine Council practice an overview of NLWs technology and know-how. The document offers the result of that review. It discusses promising NLW S&T parts, improvement accomplishments and matters approximately NLW, and sequence of innovations approximately destiny NLW improvement and application.

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Kenny. 2000. , October 3. 8In dose units: typically, with a respiratory agent exposure characterization of (mg – min)/m3, a dose unit multiplies this by an assumed inhalation of 20 liters of air in 1 minute. 28 AN ASSESSMENT OF NON-LETHAL WEAPONS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY of delivery, such as absorption through the skin, 3 to 5 minutes is required for the onset of symptoms. S. personnel who come into contact with areas that have been exposed. Directed-Energy Technologies NLWs utilizing directed energy may be divided into three categories for the purposes of understanding applications and effects: (1) low-energy lasers and incandescent devices; (2) high-energy lasers; and (3) high-power millimeterwave and microwave devices.

December. 32 AN ASSESSMENT OF NON-LETHAL WEAPONS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY investigated are underwater acoustic sources as warning or non-lethal options against such threats. Unknowns include environmental effects on fish and marine mammals. 1 (Appendix B) have been developed for tasks as diverse as stunning individuals, stopping engines of moving vehicles, and temporarily knocking out electrical grids and power generation. The class of NLWs that injects electrical energy into a human at high voltage, high frequency, low current, and with very short pulses is generally known as the stun gun.

Other Defensive Needs While the need for protection of ships in port is an all-too-familiar example following the attack on the USS Cole, other types of defensive mission needs can also be facilitated by NLWs. Ships passing through choke points or operating in the littorals are vulnerable to attack from hostile crowds on shore, to suicide vessels, and to terrorists on land, in the water, or in the air. Military supply convoys have limited weapons onboard. Base security requires capabilities for crowd control, individual incapacitation, area and access denial, and the ability to clear facilities.

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