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This suggests that both the comers (stretching the cord along the side of the square) and the naidpoints (halfway along the side) were being measured. The making of a milpa is viewed by the Maya as the creation of a human space safe from the dangerous wild. It is, in effect, duplicating the crea tion of the human world by the deities. This means that in addition to being viewed as a road the perimeter of the world was also demarcated by a cord or rope. During the modem Yucatec loh ceremony,Sosa(1985) noted that the space is symbolically tied and untied by ritual circuits around the quadrilateral, This allows the evil winds inhabiting it to escape through boles aroimd the perimeter and prevents them from retuming.

On the summer solstice^ the Scoipio cross roads rises at the southeast comer at sunset; hoveis over the south miHpnínt at midnight; and sets at the southwest comer at sunrise. The Gemini crossroads rises at the northeast comer on winter solstice, hovers over the center of the world at midnight, and sets in the northwest comer at sunrise. The Milky W^ also intersects ihe terrestdal crossroads on the solstices. At sunnse on the summer solstice and simset on the winter solstice, the Müky Way arches across the sky from the northeast comer to the south west comer.

D. 1688,lefers to the Mam: They had a piece of wood which they dressed like those figures of boys made of straw that are used in bull fights and placed on a stool on a mat. and they called it Mam, grandfather, whilst the offering and feast lasted. (cited in Tozzer 1941:139) Figure 5. Diesden flood page 74 (drawing by J- A. Villacorta and C. A. - EM¡I & & Figure 6. Diesden New Year page 25 (drawing by J. A. Villacorta and C. A. Villacorta) l / ¡Dé Figure 7. Diesden New -^ Year page 26 (drawing by J.

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