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By Mohammad Wakeel Ansari, Ahmed Nadeem

This booklet is a realistic and concise atlas on ocular anatomy, with an emphasis on utilized points and tricks for simple retention options. The substantial colour illustrations and pictures include self-explanatory, detailed, and significant representations of the issues coated within the textual content. masking chapters reminiscent of bony socket of the attention, extraocular muscular tissues, eyelids, cornea and lens, and neurology of the attention, Atlas of Ocular Anatomy supplies a precis of the real and correct issues for every subject, isolating out the fundamental from the nonessential parts. whole with consultant schematic line diagrams and whole colour images, this atlas gains the correlation among anatomic proof with their possible medical shows in illness.

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Secretion is an active process that needs energy. Aqueous is a transparent clear liquid that fills the ACs and PCs of the eye. 5 µL/min. Its osmotic pressure is slightly higher than that of plasma. The composition of the aqueous is similar to that of plasma except for much higher concentrations of ascorbate, pyruvate, and lactate and lower concentrations of protein, urea, and glucose. Entering the posterior chamber, the aqueous passes through the pupil into the AC and then to the trabecular meshwork in the angle.

10 The Optic Nerve We have learned that the optic nerve consists of axons of ganglion cells of the retina that travel via the optic chiasma and the optic tract to the nucleus of the lateral geniculate body, where a synapse occurs and a new neuron takes over the visual nerve impulse to proceed to the visual center of the occipital lobe as optic radiation. The optic radiation fibers end in the visual center, where fusion of two retinal images occurs. That explains why our vision is termed binocular vision.

3 a Tenon capsule (from limbus to optic nerve). 2 Eight Extraocular Muscles 43 Fig. 2 Inferior rectus the lateral rectus. 75 mm from the cornea (see Fig. 4). The nerve to the superior rectus is the superior division of the third cranial nerve, which enters the muscle at the junction of its middle and posterior thirds. The blood supply is from the lateral muscular branch of the ophthalmic artery. The primary action of the superior rectus muscle is elevation, which is at its maximum when the eye is abducted 23° in the line of its insertion.

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