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By Nobuko Gerth

Dieses Jahrbuch veröffentlicht erstmalig - in englischer Sprache- die zusammenhängende Biografie des Sozialwissenschaftlers Hans Gerth. Es ist das intellektuelle Porträt eines der letzten Mannheim-Schüler und namhaften sozialwissenschaftlichen Emigrées und zugleich angesichts des verarbeiteten bisher unbekannten Korrespondenzmaterials ein Zeitdokument ersten Ranges.

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D. He duly acknowledged their help in his dissertation. A sequel to this dissertation story should be mentioned here. When Gerth returned to the Frankfurt campus in 1971, he was told that his dissertation had been printed twice by students. These pirate editions sold briskly and were used by at least one professor of sociology at Frankfurt for his seminar. 83 In 1974 Gerth received a letter, via the University of Wisconsin, from Dr. Ulrich Herrmann of the Institute of Education of Tübingen University, asking for his permission for its publication by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

They knew it was a privilege to work under the guidance of Scheffer. Despite the low pay, they worked hard for their extraordinary boss in order to save the paper. The BT was poor, but had prestige. "' Boveri gave as the most important reasons for not leaving Germany: "Mr. ,,·2 Scheffer was no doubt a very colorful and forceful figure. He was in his 50's and a father figure to all the young people he had hired. , Wir lügen. 175. Karl Kom, Lange Lehrzeit - Ein deutsches Leben (Frankfurt am Main: Societäts, 1975), 227.

Mr. Paul Otte, an old-timer at the BT, was fined for writing "Married, but Happy" as a title for his articIe, because for the Nazis marriage and happiness had to be one and the same. A young editor in charge of domestic affairs, Willy Beer, who according to Gerth, was "as blond as could be and very straight-forward," reported on the then on-going trial involving the Catholic Church. He added a short comment of his own saying that history would speak the last word. It was in the fall of 1934. As soon as the paper was published, copies were all confiscated.

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