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By Darrell Ezell

The US's once-enthusiastic dedication to revive reliable kin with the Muslim international has diminished significantly on account that Obama's 2009 Cairo speech. This booklet tackles Washington's lagging engagement with the Muslim international and gives a roadmap for the way the united states can use public international relations to re-engage it.

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R. S. Zaharna writes: The focus on getting [the State Department’s] message out [was] a one-way communication approach that requires very little participation from the audience beyond the Arab and Muslim public 30 Beyond Cairo accepting the American message. Nothing in the Arab or Islamic world suggests that this public subscribes to a one-way, transmission model of communication. The culture and society are built around relationships. 42 By relying primarily on traditional state-centric approaches, US state actors were more keen after 9/11 to discount the role of religion and socioreligious inf luences in Islamic society.

Other theorists, like Emile Durkheim, saw secularization taking its course along two time scales: “First, over a wide historical spectrum, in which secularization has been in progress for millennia. ”5 Taking a psychoanalytical position— unlike other social theorists during his era—Sigmund Freud accepted neither urbanization nor modernization as being responsible for the decline of religion, but rather, suggested that it was the instinctual urge of human wishes relating to religion that contributed to its decline.

Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann contend in the seminal study, The Social Construction of Reality implying that all knowledge as held by members of a group is constructed through group interaction within a social system. Within this system, the memorization of rules, customs, mores, and traditions form over a period of time, leading to a set of constructed norms. Thus, such knowledge as learned by actors within the society becomes a part of the social ethos or principal fabric that composes the group’s social world.

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