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By Charles Dickens

Because the case of Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce—a lengthy and hopeless lawsuit over a disputed will—drags slowly on throughout the courts, it starts to wear out all these stuck in its complex internet. Esther Summerson, an orphan put within the care of the type and mild John Jarndyce at Bleak condo, can in basic terms watch on because the humans she loves are ate up via the court cases. but if Esther's earlier comes searching for her, will the invention of her actual identification eventually lead her to the solutions she has been trying to find?

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P. 舡 Self-denigration舒even in the face of affirmation舒is her habitual mode. 舠O my goodness, the idea of asking my advice舡 (p. 107),she demurs in a way that has rankled generations of readers. Modern readers have also been irked by Dickens舗s depiction of Esther舗s selflessness (the other and better face of her self-denial) and not just because she embodies a stereotype of feminine virtue (which some Victorian readers regarded with incredulity as well) . More troubling still is Dickens舗s positing Esther舗s acts of goodness as a foil to Chancery舗s acts of injustice.

Another, Great Expectations (1860-1861), remains one of his best-loved, critically acclaimed, and widely read books. In 1858, Dickens separated from Catherine Hogarth, his wife of twenty-two years with whom he had had ten children. He also became infatuated with Ellen Ternan, a young actress who became his mistress in later years. During those years, the intense activity that always characterized Dickens舒writing, editing, performing public readings, managing amateur theatricals, and much else舒intensified even more, and, working feverishly to the last, he collapsed and died on June 9.

David 舠master [s]舡 舠the tremendous vagaries舡 of shorthand, and his gaining command of those 舠arbitrary characters舡 becomes a testament to his, and his author舖s, character in the extended conceit of Dickens舗s autobiographical novel. Pursuing the conceit in Bleak House and developing it in the customary mode of this novel舒that is, 舠perversely舡 (p. 61)舒Dickens graphically represents writing as being more inscrutable and less susceptible to mastery, as well as having pernicious and potentially lethal effects.

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