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By Charles Gasparino

A best reporter exposes the deep ties among the Obama management and the massive banks which are bankrupting our state.

because the recession keeps, President Obama has chastised the "fat cats" who ceremonial dinner off govt bailout cash whereas unemployment is still excessive and smaller companies struggle.

yet based on Gasparino, Obama is faking his outrage, and his demands new rules to rein in banks which are "too tremendous to fail" are only pabulum. in truth, Obama has climbed into mattress with Wall highway CEOs, giving them what they need so that they will help his liberal, gigantic- govt time table. for this reason, the large banks liable for the credits concern get rescued, whereas small companies and traditional americans get beaten through greater taxes and irresponsible spending.

Gasparino attracts on interviews with dozens of key CEOs and political gamers to track the roots of Wall Street's twisted love affair with some of the most liberal presidents in American historical past. He exhibits how, for many years, giant banks and large company have colluded with giant govt, thereby laying the basis for today's shady dealings, and the way a similar bankers Obama now publically reprimands have supported him-not simply because he supplies switch, yet simply because he grants business.

Written in Gasparino's attribute shrewdpermanent but no-nonsense kind, this e-book is either an exposé and a warning sign to all americans to strike again opposed to the folks and rules who're ruining our country.

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Policy misfit refers to a mismatch between EU policy proscriptions and domestic policies. Such direct policy misfit may also put strain on the institutions. Institutional misfit is generally more indirect in the sense that EU practices, norms and institutions might strain formal and informal institutions at the domestic level (Börzel and Risse 2000). In the case of candidate states, policy misfit can be found between the EU requirements for accession and domestic policies. Formal institutional misfit can be often traced to the lack of sufficient institutional capacity in candidate states to successfully manage the accession process and formal interaction with the EU.

Both the government and the private sector needed personnel trained in the economic, political and legal implications of European integration (Eralp 1993b, p. 193). Despite Turkey’s hopes, the EC’s longdelayed negative response in 1990 to the application implied that Turkey would stay on the membership sidelines for an indefinite period. ” For most of the economic and political elites both at the center right and the center left, this decision meant that Europe did not consider Turkey one of its own and that Turkey’s Westernization goal had not been accomplished in European eyes.

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