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By Tim Moreman

From their institution in June 1940, the Commando devices carried out a succession of bold hit-and-run raids from the ocean into North-West Europe, Scandinavia, Italy and the center East. one of the hugely publicised Commando operations have been the raids on Vaagso, Dieppe, and St Nazaire. The Commandos additionally spawned a variety of different particular Forces, together with the designated Air provider, particular Boat carrier and the Parachute Regiment. This conflict Orders name presents an in depth exam of the military (and later Royal Marine) Commandos raised within the uk, from their inception in 1940 via to 1946, while the military Commandos have been disbanded and the function was once assigned solely to the Royal Marines.

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We went into dock with white pennants showing the amount of tonnage sunk fluttering from our periscope. ) We put on clean clothes, the same uniform grey, needless to say—the ship was grey and we were grey. Several officers from the base were standing on the pier, and a band was playing. And—were our eyes playing tricks on us? —girls, real live girls, even though they were cypher officers! With such a reception our hearts jumped for joy. The Commander made his report to the Flag Officer, and after an exchange of salutes we were dismissed.

The ship's company have been long unused to that, as spirits are normally forbidden at sea. It's hard for smokers too—you can only have a cigarette on the bridge or in the conning-tower when surfaced. The next job is to load the reserve torpedoes. For an hour and a half we all set to with a will in the hope of scoring another success. We're altering our position too, for our victim has had time to send out a wireless message and it is highly improbable that any more merchant-ships will pass through this area.

It is not just a normally-geared calculating apparatus, but a triangle-solving machine with various graphs and cams, which is coupled up directly to the periscope. This made it possible to fire at five different targets in a convoy within a space of a few seconds, and without having to alter the original estimates of the convoy's course and speed, etc. The Commander has taken a careful look-round with the periscope, searches the sky, which seems clear, and gives the order to surface. The diving-tanks are accordingly "blown," and when the chief reports the conning-tower hatch as "free," the Commander swings the wheel over, springs up on the bridge, and together with the officer of the watch anxiously scans the sea and the sky.

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