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By Fred Hall, Roger Greeno BA(Hons.) FCIOB FIPHE FRSA

Construction providers guide, 3rd version ПРОФЕССИИ И РЕМЕСЛА, ДОМ и СЕМЬЯ Автор: Fred corridor, Roger GreenoИздательство: Butterworth-HeinemannДата публикации: might 20, 2005ISBN: 0750664606Язык: EnglishКоличество страниц: 544Формат:PDFРазмер: nine MBThe special, hugely visible presentation of this instruction manual has made it the fundamental at-a-glance consultant to top perform and construction laws compliance for college kids and professionals.com0

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A fail safe mechanism must also be provided should the initial provision malfunction. 36 Direct System of Hot Water Supply The hot water from the boiler mixes directly with the water in the cylinder. If used in a `soft' water area the boiler must be rustproofed. This system is not suited to `hard' waters, typical of those extracted from boreholes into chalk or limestone strata. When heated the calcium precipitates to line the boiler and primary pipework, eventually `furring up' the system to render it ineffective and dangerous.

Velocity of fluid flow. Amount of turbulence in the flow. Viscosity and temperature of fluid. , etc. ¾ p 4) or (2„12 ¾ Also, it can be shown that if the condition (temperature and viscosity) of a fluid in a pipe remains constant, the discharge through that pipe is directly proportional to the square root of the fifth power of its diameter: qffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi d5 This relationship can be identified in the Thomas Box pipe sizing formula shown on page 28. 32 Fluid Flow Formulae ^ 1 Reynolds number † a coefficient of friction based on the criteria for similarity of motion for all fluids.

Q (m3 /s) is dependent on the pipe cross-sectional area dimensions (m2 ) and the velocity of fluid flow (m/s). Q may also be expressed in litres per second, where 1 m3 /s = 1000 l/s. g. 1. g. 2. g. 3. The size of water main required to supply 15, 20 mm short branch pipes will be by formula transposition: qffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi N2 qffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi D = 20 5 152 = 59 (65 mm nearest standard) D = d 34 5 2 HOT WATER SUPPLY SYSTEMS DIRECT SYSTEM OF HOT WATER SUPPLY INDIRECT SYSTEM OF HOT WATER SUPPLY UNVENTED HOT WATER STORAGE SYSTEM EXPANSION AND TEMPERATURE RELIEF VALVES HOT WATER STORAGE CYLINDERS PRIMATIC HOT WATER STORAGE CYLINDER MEDIUM AND HIGH RISE BUILDING SUPPLY SYSTEMS TYPES OF BOILER SECONDARY CIRCULATION DUPLICATION OF PLANT ELECTRIC AND GAS WATER HEATERS SOLAR HEATING OF WATER HOT WATER STORAGE CAPACITY BOILER RATING PIPE SIZING PRESSURISED SYSTEMS CIRCULATION PUMP RATING LEGIONNAIRES' DISEASE IN HOT WATER SYSTEMS SEDBUK GALVANIC OR ELECTROLYTIC ACTION WATER TREATMENT 35 Expansion of Water Water expands with changes in temperature.

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