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Perform makes perfect—and is helping deepen your figuring out of calculus

1001 Calculus perform difficulties For Dummies takes you past the guide and advice provided in Calculus For Dummies, providing you with 1001 possibilities to perform fixing difficulties from the key issues on your calculus direction. Plus, an internet part provide you with a set of calculus difficulties awarded in multiple-choice layout to additional assist you attempt your abilities as you go.

Gives you an opportunity to perform and strengthen the abilities you examine on your calculus course
Helps you refine your knowing of calculus
Practice issues of solution motives that element each step of each problem
The perform difficulties in 1001 Calculus perform difficulties For Dummies variety in problem areas and magnificence, giving you the perform assist you have to ranking excessive at examination time.

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Recall that lim sin x 1 and that lim cos x 1 0. x 0 x 0 x x lim 200. 2 cos x 2 lim x 0 sin x 201. lim x 0 4 lim sin( x 2 ) x2 x 6 206. lim x 0 x x 2 sin x tan x Infinite Limits 207–211 Find the indicated limit using the given graph. 207. sin( 5 x ) x 199. x 205. 33 cos 2 x sin x cos x lim f ( x ) 202. sin( 5 x ) lim x 0 sin( 9 x ) 203. lim 204. indd 33 x x 0 x 3 tan(7 x ) sin( 3 x ) sin 3 ( 2 x ) 0 x3 4/4/2014 10:14:50 PM 34 Part I: The Questions 210. 208. lim f ( x ) lim f ( x ) x x 3 5 211. 209.

F(x) 3x 2 303. f(x) 304. f(x) 296. 1. 1 4/4/2014 10:15:23 PM 48 Part I: The Questions 305. f(x) 306. f(x) 4x 3 7 1 x3 8x 2 x 5 x2 Finding All Points on a Graph Where Tangent Lines Have a Given Value x 307. f (x) = (x−3 + 4)(x−2 – 5x) 308. f (x) = 4x 4 – x2 + 8x + π2 309. indd 48 x 4 310–311 Find all points on the given function where the slope of the tangent line equals the indicated value. 310. Find all x values where the function f (x) = x3 – x2 – x + 1 has a horizontal tangent line. 311. Find all x values where the function f (x) = 6x3 + 5x – 2 has a tangent line with a slope equal to 6.

Remember to rationalize denominators that contain radicals. 103. 108. 8 , where sin 5 0, find sin 2 . 0 and 9 , where sin 2 0, find Given tan Given cot cos 2 . Converting Degree Measure to Radian Measure 109–112 Convert the given degree measure to radian measure. 104. 109. 135° 110. –280° 111. 36° 112. –315° 105–108 Evaluate the trig function. Remember to rationalize denominators that contain radicals. 105. 106. indd 18 Given sin Given cos 3 , where 7 2 3 , where 3 4 2 , find cot . 2 , find csc .

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