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By Jack London

To be used IN faculties AND LIBRARIES in basic terms. This 80-page model has been painstakingly edited to continue the integrity of the unique paintings, and to express a feeling of the author's type and the novel's topic. A low interpreting point assures luck and stimulates a wish for additional exploration of this vintage story.

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The poor dears! ” her brother sneered. “They’re lazy, I tell you. You’ve got to whip them to get anything out of them. ” 51 THE CALL OF THE WILD “The dogs are weak as water,” came the reply from one of the men. ” “Never mind that man,” Mercedes said to her brother. “You’re driving our dogs. ” Again Hal’s whip fell upon the dogs. They pulled with all their strength. But the sled held as if it were anchored. Mercedes dropped to her knees before Buck. There were tears in her eyes as she put her arms around his neck.

His muscles swelled out, and the flesh came back to cover his bones. They were all loafing—Buck, John 60 For the Love of a Man • 8 Thornton, and his dogs, Skeet and Blackie. They were waiting for the raft that was to carry them down to Dawson. Skeet was a little Irish setter who made friends with Buck early on. Just as a mother cat tenderly washes her kittens, so she washed and cleaned Buck’s wounds. Blackie was a huge, good-natured black dog with eyes that laughed. To Buck’s surprise these dogs showed no jealousy toward him.

Back in California, he had experienced feelings of warm friendship toward Judge Miller. But it had taken John T hornton to arouse feelings of real love. Not only had this man saved his life, but he was the ideal master. He took care of his dogs as if they were his children, not from a sense of duty. He had a way of taking Buck’s head between his hands, and resting his own head upon Buck’s. He would shake 61 THE CALL OF THE WILD the big dog back and forth, calling him names that Buck took for love names.

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