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A high Km) for dimethyl allyl pyrophosphate, then low concentrations of lovastatin might deplete the pool of isoprenoid precursors such that cytokinin biosynthesis is preferentially inhibited. These models predict that cytokinins will not restore growth at high lovastatin concentrations, but mevalonic acid will. 17 16 15 14 ~ 9 8 :::J 'i u 'tI

Nucleic Acids Res. 16: 371. , K. C. Cone and M. E. Fromm. 1991. Identification offunctional domains in the maize transcriptional activator Cl: comparison of wild-type and dominant inhibitor proteins. Genes and Dev. 5:298-309. , T. M. Klein, B. A. Roth, M. E. Fromm, K. C. Cone, J. P. Radicella and V. L. Chandler. 1990. Tmnsactivation of anthocyanin biosynthetic genes following transfer of B regulatory genes into maize tissues. EMBO I. 9:2517-2522. , Puigdomenech and Pages, M. 1988. A gene induced by the plant hormone abscisic acid in response to water stress encodes a glycine-rich protein.

1992; DeLisle and Ferl, 1990). Presence or absence of the Emla sequence does not, by itself, correlate well with regulation by ABA. , 1992). , 1988). While the regulatory role of this motif in gene expression is still uncertain, it seems unlikely that it is specific to ABA or VPl regulation. To summarize, there would not appear to be a single cis-acting element that is specific to ABA or VPl regulated gene expression. Em and Cl appear to require different combinations of regulatory sequences and may activated by different mechanisms.

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