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W HOSE “U NITY ”? T HE C ONTRADICTION AT THE R OOT OF A MERICA’ S FAILED P OLICY The ultimate decision by Washington to support Chiang, however, must be looked at more closely, for the obvious contradiction of American policy—the contradiction between achieving participation by both the GMD and the CCP in a government of unity, and simultaneously providing massive support to only one of the two parties—was itself based on a deeper, less visible contradiction. S. ” No doubt both Chiang and the State Department sought to unify China at the end of WWII.

Unwilling to confront the Japanese in the North while in the midst of his anti-Communist campaign in the South, Chiang ordered his forces not to resist the invasion. Nevertheless, his own Nineteenth Route Army, under the command of General Cai Tingkai, defied orders and valiantly fought off the Japanese forces for several weeks, earning the support and esteem of hundreds of thousands of Chinese both within Shanghai and throughout the rest of the country. It was within this early resistance movement against the Japanese invasion that the democratic middle forces ascended China’s political stage as effective leaders with a significant following.

S. S. 14 America initiated two separate attempts at mediation, the Hurley Mission, which lasted from September 1944 until November 1945, and the Marshall Mission of December 1945 to January 1947. S. 15 T HE H URLEY M ISSION Soon after his plane landed in Chiang’s war-time capital of Chongqing, deep in China’s mountainous interior, Brigadier General Patrick J. T H E FA I LU R E OF M E D I AT I O N 23 Hurley—a tall, mustachioed ex-lawyer from Oklahoma—found himself in the midst of a gathering storm.

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