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By Prof Michael Teitelbaum, Professor Robert Asher

The us is really a country of immigrants. Spanning the time from whilst the Europeans first got here to the recent international, this e-book conveys the buzz of those tales to children. It highlights the subjects, humans, locations, and occasions that have been very important to every immigrant team.

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He got his start in farming in 1886, working in the private fruit orchards of Frances Burlingame in Massachusetts. Burlingame paid for Lue to take farming classes and encouraged him to experiment with the fruit trees in her family orchard. Later, Burlingame bought Lue an orchard in Florida. There he bred and grew huge currants, peaches that ripened very quickly, and new varieties of raspberries. Perhaps Lue’s greatest contribution to American farming came in 1911, when he grew the first orange that would not be ruined by frost.

Firecrackers and pounding drums filled the air, and streaming paper flooded the streets, also to frighten away evil spirits and usher in luck for the new year. In Chinese homes, families created huge feasts and exchanged gifts, including lucky red envelopes containing 55 money. Louise Leung Larson, who grew up in Los Angeles in the early 1900s, wrote of her family’s celebration: Papa would start preparations several months in advance by planting Chinese lily bulbs in blue planters. They always seemed to bloom just in time for the New Year, and their sweet fragrance filled the house.

The Union Pacific Railroad would start in Omaha, Nebraska, and lay train tracks to the west. The Central Pacific Railroad would start in Sacramento, California, and build east. The plan was for the two sets of tracks to eventually meet at Promontory Point, Utah. This new railroad, connected to other railroads in the East, would create a continuous train track that ran from one coast of the United States to the other. To encourage the companies to work quickly, the first one to reach Promontory Point would receive a bonus payment from the government.

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