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HVAC Pump Handbook

Layout, set up, and hold HVAC pumps
Filled with case reviews and problem-solving sections, this reference bargains HVAC engineers and technicians concrete tools for reaching effective operation in using the newest electronic digital applied sciences. up to date to incorporate the newest details starting from codes to the digital evolution in HVAC pumping platforms

Cutting the Cost of Cold: Affordable Warmth for Healthier Homes

Teachers and practitioners from quite a lot of disciplines supply a survey of study into constructions epidemiology and scientific concerns, by means of an overview of the instruments to be had to the practitioner.

Materials for Transportation Technology, Volume 1

Mild layout, excessive defense and luxury, and environmental compatibility are the necessities which impact using fabrics in cars. within the aerospace undefined, there's this day a powerful necessity to considerably lessen improvement time and prices. Rail automobiles and ships are characterised by way of tremendous lengthy lifetime and excessive mileages.

Fire Resistance in American Heavy Timber Construction: History and Preservation

This quantity provides a heritage of heavy bushes building (HTC) within the usa, chronicling approximately centuries of creating background, from inception to an in depth assessment of 1 of the simplest surviving examples of the sort, with an emphasis on hearth resistance. The publication doesn't restrict itself in scope to serving simply as a standard heritage.

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Macgregor’s travel account Macgregor was a British army officer of the Victorian period; he travelled to Mashhad, Sarakhs, Daregaz, Shahrood, and some other parts of Iran in 1875 ad and then returned to Europe via Russia [29]. F. F. Hedin was born in Stockholm (Sweden) in the February of 1865 ad. He took his first trip to Iran in November 1886. He died in Sweden (Stockholm) on February 26, 1952 [30]. Hedin wrote a book by the name of “Deserts of Iran” describing the Baudgeers of a caravansary near the city of Tabas: “On every roof there is a square chamber leading down to the interior where the sunlight cannot penetrate and the spot is cool even in summer.

Their need is inevitable. They are Baudgeers working like fans and their structures are like fire-places in our homes. Their length is much more than their width, open from every side. They have a vertical column and considering the size of the rooms they are built on, they are big or small. Each part of the main body of the Baudgeer is built opposite to the other part so that if one part faces north, the other faces south and likewise, if one faces west, the other faces east. The vertical column, considering the size and the height of the Baudgeer, is divided to three, four or five parts.

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