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By R. Delanghe, F. Sommen, V. Soucek

This quantity describes the monstrous advancements in Clifford research that have taken position over the past decade and, specifically, the position of the spin crew within the research of null recommendations of actual and complexified Dirac and Laplace operators.
The booklet has six major chapters. the 1st (Chapters zero and that i) current classical effects on genuine and complicated Clifford algebras and convey how lower-dimensional actual Clifford algebras are well-suited for describing simple geometric notions in Euclidean area. Chapters Ii and Iii illustrate how Clifford research extends and refines the computational instruments on hand in complicated research within the aircraft or harmonic research in house. In bankruptcy Iv the concept that of monogenic differential varieties is generalized to the case of spin-manifolds. bankruptcy V offers with research on homogeneous areas, and exhibits how Clifford research will be attached with the Penrose remodel. the quantity concludes with a few Appendices which current easy effects in terms of the algebraic and analytic constructions mentioned. those are made available for computational reasons by way of desktop algebra programmes written in decrease and are contained on an accompanying floppy disk.

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