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By Kristin F. Lynch

As a part of a continuous attempt to enhance strive against aid execution making plans and keep watch over (CSC2), a RAND-Air strength overview staff saw CSC2 actions in the course of command submit workouts in 2004. The routines published parts, reminiscent of organizational constitution, platforms and instruments, and coaching and schooling, during which a proposed destiny CSC2 structure may possibly increase productiveness and increase decisionmaking.

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First, personnel focused on ACS tasks need better means of creating the data at the owners’ location and sharing it between nodes, using formats that help each node monitor and assess the state of ACS activities. Second, the senior warfighter staff and CSC2 personnel need to gain visibility over who is doing ACS work so that they can leverage personnel and parallel processes across Command and Control Systems Integration and Decision-Support Tools 27 combat support nodes. They can then look for deep knowledge over ACS issues that affect combat power, similar to what happens in the intelligence and targeting communities.

The COMAFFOR/JFACC node suc3 During the Air Force Joint Experimentation spiral development process for FY 2000, several ACS-focused tools were evaluated. Some of these have made it into ACS-tasked organizations (for example, tools to help organize and transmit information on potential force beddown sites). TF04 and AC04 observations indicate that not enough of the technology or the new work processes have made it to the field to have an effect on ACS capabilities. We have noted that ACS is listed as a Key Investment Category for the Air Force but have observed very little progress in getting the technology into the field.

While the AOC is responsible for operational planning, the OSC is responsible for maintaining and sustaining assigned forces. 1). This OSC consists of functional area managers who handle resource allocation across the theater. This OSC provides reachback support for the A-staff OSC when necessary, particularly when allocating scarce resources. The OSC and crisis action team (CAT) have generally been organized to meet any immediate needs for a warfighting command that the A-staff or AOC cannot meet, such as options for beddown planning and alternative COAs.

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