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Hearing, Speech, and Communication Disorders: Cumulated Citations 1973

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The review so far shows that previous studies have examined and described how communicative competences in particular professional and business settings are conceptualized, defined and achieved, but they have not yet investigated whether or not, and to what extent, the construct of professional communicative competences is a universal phenomenon. The present study examining the situation in Hong Kong represents the first attempt at just such an investigation. Methodology The first stage of the present study investigated the four key industries in the Hong Kong economy according to what constitutes communicative competences in their professions, as well as how the organizations in these industries define each of the professional communicative competences.

According to Silverstein (2004, 621), cultures are ‘properties of population’, they are ‘historically contingent’, values and Business Communication across Cultures meanings expressed through genred (patterned) interactions; yet they are also ‘ideational or conceptual in that language in use displays evidence of (creation and transformation of) knowledge, feeling and belief’ (622). Sociocultural concepts therefore are primarily accessed through ‘text in context’. In its denotational capacity, words and expressions invoke not only things and states of affairs but also index participants’ social relations.

20 Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini One practical solution to smoother communication is the exchange of ‘bestcases’ among professionals on an international scale (Pan et al. 2002). , 7). The construction of CDPs relies on an analytical model based on interactional sociolinguistics which emphasizes the importance of the physical context of the interaction. Thus, non-verbal elements such as kinesics and proxemics are included in the analysis of real professional interactions. g. Sarangi and Roberts 1999) characterizes also situated discursive approaches to business communication (cfr.

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