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By Manfred Broy (auth.), Alan W. Biermann, Gérard Guiho (eds.)

powerful operations on them. An early step during this path was once the improvement of APl, and more moderen examples were SETl which allows a person to code when it comes to mathematical enti­ ties resembling units and BDl which permits a consumer, possibly a businessman, to specify a computation by way of a sequence of tabular varieties and a chain of processing paths in which facts flows. The layout and implementation of such languages are tested in chapters via P. GOLDBERG. one other extension to standard equipment is made attainable via structures designed to instantly deal with low point flow-of­ keep an eye on judgements. the entire above greater point languages do that implicitly with their inbuilt operators. PROLOG is a language which does this with a theorem proving mechanism applying basically unification and backtracking. The programmer specifies the matter to be solved with a collection of formal common sense statements together with a theorem to be proved. the theory proving approach reveals how to mix the axioms to end up the concept, and within the strategy, it completes the specified calculation. H. GAllAIRE has contributed a bankruptcy describing PROLOG giving many examples of its usage.

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BROY 48 Depart. , Rep. CSRG-59. R. : An axiomatic basis for computer programming. Comm. ACM 12, pp. 576-583, 563, 1969. R. : Quicksort. The Computer Journal 5:1, 1962, pp. 1015. E. The art of computer programming, vol. 3, Sorting and searching. ) : Addison Wesley, 1973. B. : Program improvement by source-to-source transformation. Journal ACM 24:1, pp. 121-145, 1977. (40) Manna, Z. : Mathematical theory of computation. New York, McGraw Hill, 1974. , Waldinger, W. A deductive approach to program synthesis.

Thus, matters very often get complicated by transformation from the "abstract" formulations with the computation structure array to "machine-oriented" formulations with rows of variables. So it seems advantageous to avoid these complications by developing our algorithms on the abstract level - including all necessary analysis, and afterwards to switch to iterative, "machineoriented" formulations. This helps to reduce the complexity of the programming task. 3. , empty :: s) nat n of s ; PROGRAM CONSTRUCTION BY TRANSFORMATIONS 45 The computation structure STACK may be characterized by the following algebraic laws : ¥ stack s,nat n : pop(push(s,n» s, top(push(s,n» n, pop (empty) = ~, top (empty) = ~, (empty •.

3 can be tranformed to iterative procedures. This is usually done using variables and references like in ALGOL 68. But since the recursion both of select tree and of cut is of a rather complicated type and therefore the transformation process is voluminous, we renounce to present it here. 4. Quicksort Now an iterative, more efficient version of quicksort is given. 4 by recursion removal for presort and quicksort and substituting the calls of presort, jismin and jismax by their bodies (all this functions are of simple, repetitive form, besides quicksort, where stacks are used for recursion removal).

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