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Models which predict the expected response to variations in iron ore quality, flux qualities, etc. which might be demanded by purchasing policy from time to time. This chapter concentrates on items ( i ) and ( v i ) . T h e others, though important, are more in the province of computer software. It must clearly be stated that off-line 'policy' models are much more widely used than 'control' models. In fact, it is almost mandatory for a large blast furnace to have a set of policy model programs associated with it.

Tests have shown that there is a strong relation between the magnetic indexes of the sinter and the return fines, in spite of higher degree of oxidation of the latter. This makes it possible to simplify the sample preparation and the sampling procedure by carrying out the measurement directly on hot return fines. ) Several plants, especially in Europe, (including the United K i n g d o m ) , use this method to control coke additions automatically, or via operator control. Combined air permeability and magnetic control of the strand 9 T h e two instruments above can be combined to give a system of sinter-plant control known as S I P A C .

T h e model can be used to estimate the effect on operation, including most importantly the fuel consumption and production rate of changes in the burden's reducibility. T h e model has been used to assist an investigation into the replacement of coke by various tuyere injectants including oil, coal, tar and coal/water slurry. This involves prediction of the coke rate at different levels of injection while maintaining constant the other process variables. These results were compared to those reported from operating practices throughout the world and the model updated where necessary.

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