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By Helga Nowotny (auth.), Helga Nowotny, Hilary Rose (eds.)

Heretical strategies in an orthodox sequence on sociology of the sciences? Devils and technological know-how among the covers of 1 publication? video games with ambivalence to masks collective uncertainty? We expect comparable destiny reactions from readers or reviewers whilst assessing the best way this quantity has been assembled. yet writings on counter-science, just like the historical past of colonialism, tend to be written through the winners, as a result unequivocally partial and in simple terms too usually missing in social mind's eye. In trying to redress the stability, we admit to having been absolutely receptive to the latter, of getting displayed an un­ measured measure of sympathy with heretics and outsiders, together with working towards scientists, and to letting technological know-how safeguard itself. The antithetical courting implied within the volume's name - Counter-movements within the Sciences - stands for what we regard as an ongoing, open-ended procedure. In gathering fabric for this quantity, we've got introduced jointly voices conversing from varied quarters: there are those that, even if modestly claiming to talk just for them­ selves, have got down to query sacred assumptions of medical religion or to forged doubt on famous claims clinical wisdom holds over different kinds of data; others have undertaken to illustrate the fragility, ifnot untenability of makes an attempt at demarcation among technology and different structures of trust or perform or proven that demarcations among various kinds of rationality relaxation on except methodological grounds; ultimately, those that desire to re-arrange, by way of mapping out a few meta-point of surveillance, usual territory, displaying the necessity for rearrangement and

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Shortly, we will see the ideological scope and ambivalence of the opposition between subject and object. In this opposition between, on the one hand, the subject, bearer of needs and subjective aspirations which are translated into opinions which are neither true nor false, and on the other hand, social, economic or military reality, which alone is objective and true, it is only right, if one of the two must predominate, that it should be reality. One must be 'realistic'. It becomes reasonable and normal to impede the expression of individual sentiments which threatens established order.

These alternatives are deformed and retranslated in terms of subjectivity (it will be said that complaints are subjective) and objectivity (it will be said that decisions made by authorities are determined by objective realities). The opposition of objective knowledge and subjective opinions allows Knowledge and Opinions 41 demarcation lines to be drawn between what is acceptable and what is not to those in power. Finally it is the 'knowledge' established and institutionalized by the ruling class which is used as objective knowledge.

Pass the word friends ... I think ... T. IS DEAD. It was a wonderful dream, and we, the children of Hamlin, followed it dancing through the streets. I'm glad we did. On the walls of Paris in '68 they wrote 'The revolution which is beginning will call into question not only capitalist society but industrial society ... We are inventing a new and original world. ' [l1Ulgination is seizing power. I always find such romantic bullshit irresistible, as do many of us. Combine that weakness with our faith in that, for all our protestations, we all believe to be the real god of the Universe science - and you have an idea whose appeal is irresistible.

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