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By Anna Cornelia Beyer

Why do states and diplomacy corporations perform the ""global struggle on terrorism""?  This publication asks this query inside a wide framework, exploring the mechanisms and reasons for participation in worldwide governance and taking counterterrorism as a pertinent case. hard the belief of egalitarian buildings of worldwide governance, the writer argues that energy kin and using energy (influence, coercion and strength) play a extra vital position than formerly urged. offering a serious evaluate of the counterterrorism guidelines of european, US and ASEAN, the ebook identifies a couple of reasons of participation in hegemonic governance, together with uneven interdependence with the united states, open and casual strain relating to the ecu, and the authority and legitimacy of the best actors.

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How can coercion and influence be conceptualised and operationalised for this purpose? Coercion is based on sanctions: the threat or the mere possibility of sanctions (Wartenberg, in opposition to Nye) that induce a shift in the cost-benefit calculations (Byman and Waxman 2002: ch. 1) of the exposed actors. Coercion can be active and then is understood as pressure, which is the threat of negative sanctions or the grant of positive rewards to other actors (Byman and Waxman 2002: ch. 1). Coercion can also be passive, and understood as making use of asymmetric interdependence.

Liberals as well as realists refer in their arguments to rational choice theories in order to explain cooperation (Axelrod and Keohane 1993). 15 Participating actors cannot be certain about the intentions of the other actors and have to fear that their own willingness to cooperate is not returned in kind. Even when mutual cooperation here does lead to the optimal results, such an outcome is not generally to be assumed. For the single actor, the best result of any interaction is the constellation: ‘I defect, and you cooperate’.

It is still uncertain how the GWOT and global counterterrorism will develop under the new US administration, and the current situation is therefore not considered here. Structure of the book Chapter 2 presents the research design, referred to above. Firstly, participation as a new issue in global governance is elaborated upon and defined. Secondly, the causes of participation in the GWOT are established, as a measurement of hegemonic governance. If hegemony in the global governance of counterterrorism is present, and exercised, it is then argued that this exercise of power should influence (hence in part cause) participation in global counterterrorism.

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